Sermons Online

Watch Online or On TV

The Sunday morning sermons are viewable on demand here on our website and on Viemo.

We broadcast our entire 110:00am service on Time Warner Cable channel 43 or 464 HD at 7:00pm Tuesdays and 9:30am Wednesdays.    DVD copies of the services are available upon request (910-791-4725).

LiveStream and Podcast

Sorry, but we’re working out the technical kinks with our LiveStream and Podcast.  For now, if you’re looking for a video experience that feels “live”, gather your closest friends and family and have everyone on a sofa together or in a coffeeshop, and stream the service from our website.  Just remember that the world record for the most people sitting on a chair is 2,067 (we couldn’t find the sofa record, but you get the idea).  For a Podcast experience, do the same thing but with your eyes closed.